March Wellness Feature

March Wellness  |  The Fresh Exchange

Have you all heard about Anna Carl’s monthly series for March about Wellness? Well if you haven’t it’s time to because her posts and features have been awesome! Anna has the blog The Yellow Table and as a writer for publications such as Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure, and Bon Appetite she has quite the knowledge of living a healthy life.

So when she asked if Mike and I would share about how we stay healthy while working from home I was super excited. Mike and I have worked hard to set a routine schedule to our days so we can stay healthy, energized, and well balanced. It took quite some time and discipline, but when we are home we have found these routines have helped us being as productive as possible.

March Wellness  |  The Fresh Exchange

March Wellness  |  The Fresh Exchange

March Wellness  |  The Fresh Exchange

Head on over to our feature to read more on the things we have done to build a healthy work from home routine.

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  1. This is great. I prefer to workout at home, actually. I have some hand weights and I do exercises in my living room. Then for cardio I go for jogs around my neighborhood. I’m just not into gyms anymore.

  2. Hi Megan,
    Great info! I live in Traverse City too and recently went paleo. Where do you get your almond butter locally?

  3. This was a fantastic feature! I have the exact same body rhythm/ work schedule as you guys. I used to fight it, but no longer. Also, starting my day with lemon water was also one of the best things I did for my mornings,—does wonders for the skin too. I loved reading about the ingredients in your pantry. You guys seem to do a great job of keeping a healthy, balanced work from home routine.

  4. Really enjoyed reading the full article! I love how you said you tried being early risers but rather learned it was best to wake up in your body’s own clock. Now I feel like I don’t have to beat myself up for not getting up and immediately starting work at 7:30 am!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I work at home too and I am a YOGA addict since I started this mental and physical discipline. It helps me a lot to feel good (I know ot os not healthy but my first act when I wake up is to drind a very strong coffee, instead of water !).

  6. Love your blog, but careful with that first yoga pose. Never place your foot at knee level- always above (on your inner thigh) or below (on calf).

    If you place your foot against your knee it causes too much stress and can injure your joint. 🙂