Make it Happen: A Cozy Living Room

For many of you that use Pinterest…if you are anything like me…You pin things all the time never really thinking it will HONESTLY happen. Right?! So I thought it would be fun to start talking about making your pinning dreams come true. Why not right?

So I plan to post a pin weekly that I would love to see come true. Mostly I want to be focusing on interiors since we all wish for that dream space. I am kind of excited about this. I love making ideas happen so this should be fun for us all. 

This time I thought we would start with this comfortable, cozy, and simple living room. Why begin with something overly complicated? I like things simple anyways. I did take some liberties with the overall aesthetic but I wanted to show you it’s simple.

I did not include too many accessories as this room really is a clean palette for your own touches that would make this your own. Maybe you even have some things lying around that you have collected already. But my hope is these posts honestly make you interior dreams come true. I hunted down the pieces now you just have to make it happen!

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