Love You Feature on DahliaLynn

I felt super honored to be asked to be featured on the DahliaLynn Lane Blog today to talk about the reasons I love being me. Jessica is running a feature every Friday asking different bloggers you love to be honest and open about the things they love about themselves. Loving yourself is not always an easy task as we all know. When you work for yourself you naturally are your own worst critic on every level, so it was great to have to think about what I truly love about being Megan. Thank you Jessica for the wonderful reminder of the great things about myself. Read the whole post, see more photos, and hear why I love being crazy nice, a good cook, and even an introvert.

I hope it inspires you to love something about yourself more than you did the day before.


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  1. Oh my gorgeous! I love, love these photos, Megan! And I love the 5 things you love about yourself–I love them too! Lots of love this weekend!

    1. This is the best comment I have gotten in a long time. I am excited for the day we can hang in person. PS. totally stalked your spotify today. I appreciate your Cory Smith and Eli Young love 😉