Let’s Rewind to Monday

Remember my post from Monday on Jenna Lyons…well I mentioned the amazingly talented Emily Henderson from Design Star and her theories on design and decorating your space based on your style. 

Well this morning her very own space was spotlighted on Apartment Therapy. I have to say that if I were to design a house in the exact way I could and had the money and time to search for the right pieces this is what it would be. Hands down this is EXACTLY my style to a tee. There is nothing about this space I would change even down to that very cool cowhide rug. It is very inspiring to me because I recently received a ton of these beautiful antique pieces from my grandmother and have been wanting to figure out how I will use them in a space eventually and she has some of the same pieces I have featured here. 

That all being said I guess I better start dressing like Emily cause if her space is a representation of her style and this is my style as well then I need to know where she shops now. That’s not creepy is it?

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