Just a Little Snow

Northern Michigan Snow

Northern MIchigan Snow

Northern MIchigan Snow


Friday the weather man said we were getting about 15 inches of snow overnight. Not a totally a-typical weather projection this time of year when things fluctuate so much but when we woke up Saturday morning we easily had gotten 24 – 29 inches of snow. Last time I remember seeing snow like this was when I was very little so this completely blew me away. Being waste deep in our yard and spending more than 2 hours shoveling out the driveway and then another hour on back deck shoveling pounds of fresh snow pretty much exhausted me. It was not glamorous by any means and in order to get to Brunch on Saturday I drove in town to get internet since our’s was out.

It was absolutely crazy and if you didn’t have an AWD vehicle (thank goodness for our Subaru Forrester) there was no way you were going anywhere. 50% of my drive in town consisted of tw0-tracking on single lane roads in 24 inches of snow. Though this all sounds crazy it definitely got me out of the winter blues. Everything was an adventure this weekend, which made it fun, exciting, and slightly bearable.

Since we couldn’t really go anywhere most of the weekend it forced us into cleaning a ridiculous amount and organizing all of our space. It ended up being the perfect excuse to prepare for Spring. We ate large bowls of chilly, drank wine, and I attempted macarons for the first time. It was a perfect and relaxing weekend even though my body feels like it ran a marathon after all that shoveling.

Did anyone else get snow? Or heck did you get to enjoy the spring weather in the south? If so I am jealous!!! Now on to a new week full of lots of projects and emailing about new and exciting things!! Cannot wait to share some of the new things coming up for The Fresh Exchange 🙂

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  1. Wowzers! What a dumping! I’m totally jealous though. Our winter has been seriously lacking in snow; just lots and lots of rain which is seriously depressing. I miss those winters when we’d get mountains of snow.

  2. I’m from Orange County, California – our weather is so mild all year round, it can get real boring. I would love to have snow like this for just a day! 🙂

  3. Holy! That is a LOT of SNOW! We just had two crazy snowfalls this weekend, but in my land of the cold, we also get chinooks, which means that the snow doesn’t last for long…
    I want to play in the snow with you!

    1. AHH! That would be a blast! I wanted to make a fort and then I wanted to hike the highest hill so I could see it all. Today it was sunny and beautiful perfect for playing in the snow!!

      Cheers Alyssa!