Jammin’ In The Studio: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Living in Northern Michigan I have always felt the moment Spring and Summer appear that the good old classics are always the perfect sound for lazy days. Tom Petty mastered the art of creating music that was timeless and perfect for a day on the water, the beach, hanging at home with the windows open with friends. So we sit here on this 60 degree day listening to Wildflower, American Girl, Free Falling, and Learning to Fly feeling summer is only a month away or less. It’s great to smell fresh air, hear birds singing, and wear something other than the warmest sweater in my closet. 

I hope you all enjoyed meeting and getting to know Ms. Pink from The Pink and Blue Blog yesterday! It was awesome to share over at her blog and to have her here!

Hope all have a wonderful Wednesday!

– Megan

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