J.Crew Wedding Shop

In so many ways I am glad this store was not open 10 months ago. I would have spent WAY too much money on my wedding attire and it would have been a problem but I have to say that J.Crew has out done itself once again. I know they are not that special unique boutique store but their design continues to impress me every time a new catalog comes out. 

Their models are beautiful and their color selections are almost too much for a color lover like myself. I will admit to have used their palettes more than once for an inspiration board. So when I was looking for their Fall 2010 Lookbook I just had to share the beauty of what is the next line of gorgeous J.Crew weddings. 

Also…if you are a bride-to-be or beginning to think there is a possibility you may be in the near future MAKE sure to sign up to win a wardrobe done with Martha Stewart Weddings and J.Crew…yeah awesome! Sign up here.


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