J.Crew Fall

Just like anyone, I love Jcrew and have for years but since Jenna Lyons has become the pres my love went to LOVE and I think this Fall is the best yet. What gets me about Jcrew are the colors. I get excited for every catalog because I cannot wait to see the bold color combinations. They have always been good in the past but if you flip through the most recent Fall catalog you will know what I mean. Jenna’s direction on combining solid classics with modern color schemes makes my heart so happy as a designer. I am a classics girl but I love a little funk in there once a while. So all these oranges are making me pretty gitty. 

Also a little side note…this girl’s hair is my inspiration for my hair appointment on Wednesday and yes I mean color and all. I need a refresh and I love this natural blondish do with a simple cut. It feels just right for me. Plus long hair in the winter is never fun…two words static and zippers

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