Invitation Package Design

As Summer is approaching not only am I working hard to pull together my wedding but working to get all the last minute pieces put together for some of my clients and truly beginning a lot of their suites. I will have to say that I have some amazing clients this year and am so excited to get to designing their suites and to see how they each come together. I really swear I have one of the coolest jobs. 

But that being said I have been putting together a lot of sketches of Package design for Invitations and in that process I have found a lot of wonderful inspiration. In order to make a gorgeous sweet each piece must beautiful on it’s own and then work together cohesively because this is the guests’ first experience with your wedding and it really sets a tone for what they should expect. This means that your invites are your guests first impression of your wedding. So from the outside of the envelope to the process they go through to RSVP must be carefully thought through. 

Thus, why today’s post is some examples of Invitation Package design I found very inspiring recently. Forgive the lack of recognition. Most are from some of my favorite stationers (Hello Tenfold, Alee & Press, Bella Figura, Thoughtful Day, Rifle, Bird and Banner, and some are done by brides themselves)

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