Inspiring Now: Studio Fludd

As I have stated many times my favorite class in college was Color Theory and you all know how much I am obsessed with color and palettes of color so I do not need to overstate my thoughts and theories. But I had to share this collective of creatives work from Italy.There colors work gorgeously together and I just can’t get over them. 

My favorite thing with colors is when artists choose shapes and color combinations to express a moment or place rather than describe it through realistic images. I love more modern work that leaves the viewer with space to bring their own history and story into a painting. AKA I am in love with this group work and it is REALLY making me want to start painting again very soon!!

I am soooo obsessed with the shapes they paint with a restricted palette and even the paintings. Their work is incredible and you can see more on their blog and their etsy shop.

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