Inspired by: Book Covers

Every time I go into an antique or thrift store  I go straight to the book section. I am always on the hunt for amazing and unique covers on books. If I had no self-control my whole house would most likely be covered in stacks of great books that I admire for their covers. Whoever told me don’t judge a book by it’s cover did not know me. 

When I was young I remember sitting for hours in the library just looking at pictures and covers in complete fascination. I had a hard time reading as a child since I was dyslexic so I was very into the pictures and making up my own stories instead, which maybe that explains my vivid imagination. 

So today i am very inspired by the cover designs of books like the ones above I found on Pretty Book Covers’ Tumblr page. Many more where this came from so prepare to get lost!

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