Inspiration Board

My favorite part of doing identity work for a client or stationery is putting together an inspiration board for my client. I love the searching for images and dreaming of everything that could be possible in their design. Also, I feel the inspiration board is the best way for me to communicate my vision than any amount of words I could write or say. 

Being a graphic designer we communicate best visually and have mastered the art of doing so, which means we have to remember to bring our clients into our minds of what we see as they describe their needs, company, and wants. 

I just put together one of my favorite boards yet for one of my recent clients I have been anxiously awaiting to begin this fall, which means I couldn’t wait to share what I am dreaming about and being inspired by for this project. 

So I thought I would share a few of the things that are very much driving my design on this project.

The quilt directly below from Pottery Barn is where my inspiration began.

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