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How to write form your heart  |  The Fresh Exchange

Almost every week I get this question in my inbox. I never really thought about how I actually do write from me heart as this space has always been a place to just be honest about things anyways, but when I started digging in to how I write and why I do I started realizing it wasn’t always that easy and sometimes still isn’t. In fact it can really be challenging, even writing a post like this feels a little challenging as I am never sure if my thoughts and advice are right.

I think all of us bloggers would agree that when you start taking your blog from just a hobby to a business that your awareness of your content becomes hyper-sensitive. You realize you must create consistent, strong, original content around a specific brand or theme. But I think we must also give ourselves room to also have freedom within that. Our blogs are meant to be our voice so we must have room to let it speak.  For me I schedule things out but when a post comes I let it happen! I do write a lifestyle blog for goodness sake and life is not predictable or able to be scheduled completely, so allowing room to let life happen is a necessity.

Over time taking small steps to be more honest and allowing my voice to open up more gave me the confidence to become more real and honest about life, owning a business, and being a creative.  This does not mean I don’t post something and not get a knot in my stomach and think…Geez what was I thinking?…I do… a lot … and I really hope that feeling never goes away. I think that feeling is necessary and awesome in the journey of being a creative. There should always be a slight feeling of fear to let your work enter the world, if it doesn’t than you must be super confident or you are not challenging yourself enough and your work is too comfortable.  The greatest innovators are those that say the things others are scared to say and challenge what exists by asking what’s next?

So I tried to break this out in a little list of things to think about when wanting and hoping to write more openly and honestly. I love seeing people’s voices come out on their blogs (such as this post that Kelsey just wrote about Inspiration versus Imitation) so I am excited to see how this all inspires you to create more open and honest content on your blogs.

– What are you passionate about?
Maybe it is food, family, work, design, or whatever…but whenever you are passionate about something you usually have something interesting and honest to say about it.

Define what you will be talking about
Before you write a novel refine the pieces of the topic you want to talk about on some level. I keep a notebook and when things come up I write them down. This helps me remember and stay on task when writing

Write it
Put on some good tunes, grab a drink, and write away. Don’t hold yourself back at this point just write what you are thinking.

After writing go back (I recommend after sleeping on it). Refine what you said…condense and try to become as concise as possible.

Get your graphics in (if you want them) and let it loose on the internet. You may get honest feed back…honesty can welcome more honesty…but more times than not it is positive. If it is negative…let it roll off. Opposition is to be expected on some level…just don’t get emotionally down if someone pushes back. Remember we all are entitled to our opinions.

Truthfully the biggest thing is to remain as blindingly confident as possible. Overtime you will notice it becoming a little easier every time. I promise!

Happy Weekend my friends! The above image is a little preview of a shoot we just did for Elva Fields that will post next week. Super excited to share more!

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  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this wonderful post. I’ve only been blogging a couple of weeks. Every time I post, I question whether I’m “doing this right”. I felt like I just got a hug. Thank you so much.

  2. Megan, thanks for writing a wonderful resource that I can keep coming back to time and time again. I love how thoughtful and intentional and focused you are with every post. Since discovering your blog a few months ago, you have taught me to create a beautiful life and document the moments. And spend good old fashioned hard work on every post, as if it were getting published in a magazine.

  3. What an honor Megan! Thank you so so much for the shout out, and (again, because this can never be said too often), thank you for the support as I enter into this new kind of venture for my blog and my readers’ experience. This was the second reflection post I’ve done, and to see the changes that have come to my little blog over the past week has been overwhelmingly incredible. This shout out being the cherry on top. I’ll definitely be taking your steps into play as I move forward on my own posts. Thank you for always inspiring lady 🙂

    1. Aww Kelsey!! You are so welcome! I love what you do and have loved it since the day I came across your blog. Great design and unique to you content. I love that and wish there was more of that in the blogging world so thanks for staying true to you. It takes a lot of work…I know…but keep it up. I got your back sister 😉

  4. Thanks so much for this post, Megan. This is so inspiring, and I really agree with everything you said. As Mary Beth said, you are a wonderful resource and I’m really glad that I came across your blog a few months ago. Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you. As a new blogger, I’m wrestling with writing for me and being authentic. As I let go of wanting readers and write because of the things that I want to say, it becomes easier to follow your advice. Thank you again!

  6. Hi Megan, I find this post very instructive, thank you for sharing. I always feel this litlle fear you talk about before sharing my personal thoughts in my blog. It makes feel better to know I’m not the only one here. And I love your thought:
    “allowing room to let life happen is a necessity”… Brilliant!

  7. Megan, I so admire your frankness and ability to write so openly! Your blog is one of the only ones I’ll actually completely read if a post is longer than average (shhh don’t tell) 😉 Thanks for these helpful pointers. 🙂

  8. You make it sound so easy! 😉

    But seriously… great suggestions & tips! I think I’m just too hard on myself sometimes when I write… so I am constantly backspacing & re-editing before I even finish.

    It’s something I am trying to work at. So I really enjoyed reading this, thank you! 🙂

  9. hi Megan….
    Writing from heart is a special art,it makes a good reading content which a reader enjoy.I think You have this special art.I thoroughly enjoy this post while reading.You give really some awesome advices. Thanks for it.One thing more…nice and lovely pics Megan..this is from my heart.

  10. I haven’t blogged over written anything yet and I so want to write an di like others either don’t know how to get started are what to subjects, topic or what!,
    !!!!! I Just know I love writing and Hoping someday I will succeed at this passion and I really did enjoy this information , very supportive, good luck everyone