Hot Like Pink

I am not sure what it is about pink lately but that hot pink mixed with soft pastels get me so excited I want to dance around the room like a little kid. Growing up I hated pink…but now I see the power it has as a color. So it is no longer underestimated in my mind. Crazy Megan for every disliking it. ha.

Today is kind of not fun in the studio doing finance stuff since I lost it all…ugh! I have to catch up before my life gets out of control and I def don’t want to be doing this in January so wish me luck as I recover it all. The honest truth about being a small business owner/freelancer. Something just doesn’t work with expecting creatives to be organized enough to also do their own finances haha. One day I will be a pro at this at least I keep telling myself that 🙂

Happy Wednesday guys! Still lots to get done this week feel like I can’t get ahead. Argh!

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