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There are times I get in ruts when it comes to fashion for instance I love scarves and have been told by my lovely fiance that I probably should ration my scarf wearing to less than twice a week, which is a good suggestion. I would love to share some photos of my being “punk” in high school or when I thought I could dress like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez when I was in high school. I think the worst fashion decision I ever made though was wearing a pair of skin tight lime green bell bottom corduroys…not sure what I was thinking. 

But my favorite staple outfit is a pair of great dark wash jeans, rainbow flip flops and a white v-neck from jcrew. I just cannot find an outfit that is better for the everyday and if I could get away with it I would wear it everyday but I don’t think that would work. I also realize that that outfit can be super boring. So today I thought I would feature some great necklaces that can brighten up your favorite staple outfit, whether it be a cute jersey sundress you love wearing on your way to the beach or a great pair of shorts and comfy tank for the summer. I understand and am all about comfort but with a splash of color and style. 

I have drooled over each item and some I am not bold enough to wear but would love to get the courage. Especially love the ones from Anthro. 

Enjoy! I am out for the afternoon to enjoy the 70 degree weather since work is done!

1, Yellow bloom – Anthropologie 2. Pearl and Aventurine – Laura Rose 3. Turquoise and gold leaf – Made By Sam 4. Flower necklace – Wrapped in Clover 5. Love Nest  – Luxe Deluxe 6. Coral and Turquoise Necklace – Laura Rose 7. Pantone Triple – Anthropologie

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