Hitch Design In Action

I hope you guys are enjoying the slight re-do of the blog today. I just discovered I make these cool changes and make my blog space larger so my images can show up larger! How awesome is that?

Anyways, last month I was able work some amazing wedding vendors in the area to showcase some of our work and I thought I would show Hitch Design in action and some of our work in the shots. I had a blast putting these pieces together and coordinating with the tablescape designers to create pieces that would fit in to the different tablescapes. I love collaborating because you can go beyond your own creativity. I love how all this turned out but I am only showing my work on this project. 

I have to say my favorite design is the modern tablescape. The colors are amazing! I just love it! I do not like clutter and I love using type in bold ways that accent textures and that is exactly what is going in the tablescape and it just gets me geeked. Structure is beautiful in design and a lot of people steer from script because they feel it is uncontrolled but when script is mixed with a very structured masculine font it gives it constraint and then once again I am geeking out. I love fonts what can I say and love letting them do their job instead of cluttering their breathing room. 

Also, it was one of those days that was sunny but totally freezing in the shade. Thus the coats and scarves…yeah in May haha. 
All photos are courtesy of Cory Weber Photography.

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