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Today I would love to introduce you to Ms. Pink from The Pink and Blue Blog. Ms. Pink is an active and inspiring blogger bringing her taste to anything that is design related. I am always being inspired by her posts and ideas she brings daily. Also her Pinterest is one of my favorites that I follow. So I am excited to have her posting as we swap blogs for the day! So here we go!! You ready? No? Well too bad!

There is something unbelievably captivating about all things with “Spanish Style”. For me, when I am driving down the street any house with Spanish flare always catches my eye and I end up saying, “One day, I’ll have a house just like that.” For years, the way Spanish style has worked its way into everyday design has fascinated me… especially the impact it has had on food, fashion and interior design. Over at The Pink and Blue Blog I love to connect all things delicious, and the Spanish culture has me perfectly smitten! 
Both Megan and I are fans of the “round up” so I thought I would give you a taste of a few of my favorite things that incorporate Spanish style. 

SPANISH DOORS: The entry to your home can say so much about you… I love the character that a heavy wooden door with bright pops of color, or iron elements can add to an unassuming doorway. I like to think of it as a sneak peek of what’s to come in the interior of the building, but more than anything, it is setting a tone and adding warmth to your living space. These two doors optimize classic Spanish tone for me. 
images via: left  |  right

SPANISH INTERIOR: Beamed ceilings, elaborate fireplaces and woodwork with warm hues

and big terracotta flooring! What’s not to love?! For me, these photos are the perfect examples the traditional Spanish design and send my head spinning with inspiration. 

images via: left  |  right top  |  right bottom

While traditional is amazing, I am particularly partial to a unique balance of design in any room. I love mixing old and new, and topping off my Spanish style with something modern, in order to really set off any space. I think this Spanish Farmhouse does a beautiful job blending classic Spain style with a modern twist.

images via: 79 ideas

SPANISH FOOD: Nothing says “Spain” to me like a good Gazpacho, plain and simple. And this recipe by La Tartine Gourmande es mucho beuno! 
images via: la tatine

SPANISH FASHION: My motto might as well be “give me ruffles or give me death”. I love to see the layered collars, big patterns, flowy skirts and fringe accents.  My favorite Spanish designer, hands down is Alma Aguilar. I first fell in love with her pink and blue looks in Spring 2010, but her most recent collections have taken what I like to call “Spanish Fusion” to a whole new level… 
I hope I brought a little spice to your Tuesday! Don’t forget to check Megan’s guest spot over at The Pink and Blue Blog for my newest column, “Color Me Candid”, where I delve into to the colorful things that make her tick. :0) Check out my blog, twitter, and facebook!!

ms. pink

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