Grant’s Manly Nine: Take A Hike

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I would like to introduce my good friend Mr. Jonathan Grant who I affectionately call Grant. Grant and I have been friends since college. He is a talented artist and wardrobe stylist. Currently roaming along the coast of Lake Michigan and planning to make a move to Paris, he is quickly becoming someone you must know. His blog, The Culture Keeper, is full of great inspiration and original content. Grant is one of those people you meet and never forget. He makes you feel interesting, important, and genuinely cared for. I miss having him around but am so excited we can collaborate here on the blog.

I approached Grant right after Alt Summit about writing a column here at The Fresh Exchange all about manly adventures and dressing for them. Grant is the epitomy of dressing for any and every adventure. There is no one more qualified in my mind to write this column. My hope is that all you male readers will be inspired by Grant’s picks every week, not just to wear something stylish but to go on an exciting new adventure.

All that to say, welcome to the new Tuesday column with Jonathan Grant, I hope you all fall in love with him and his incredible taste and style the way I have. He has inspired me since I was a sophomore in college painting together and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

So without further ado Grant is here to talk all about Taking a Hike in style:

For this week’s look I was thinking about hiking through the countryside esp. in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. (and Kentucky) The British have this great tradition of – “ooh the weather looks terrible- let’s go for a walk on the moors!”. Chilly weather is perfect for hiking and exploring without much effort. Take a dog along. Bring a snack and some boots that will keep your feet dry. It is bound to be a bit dreary out there- but perhaps there will be a warm fire afterward.

 Make sure to keep up with Grant on Twitter and Pinterest. You will not want to miss out!

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