Graduation Announcements

I wanted to share some very fun designs I have been doing for one of the daughter of one my professors back at college. I spent so much time with the Bandy family when I was at Asbury and I am pretty sure that I would not be able to be doing what I am doing without the having the opportunity to be mentored and taught by Greg Bandy while in college. I cannot explain the influence this family has had on my life so I feel very honored to be designing their beautiful daughter’s, Julianne, grad announcements. 

Julianne is probably one of the coolest high schoolers I know. She is totally beautiful in the most natural way, she has an amazing sense of humor, and really enjoys being herself, which is rare in any high schooler. On top of all that she is very talented as an athlete in Track and Cross Country as well as a violinist and will be attending Westmont College in California this next fall on a scholarship…Yeah I know she rocks right?!?

Well because Julianne has mad awesome style I wanted to make sure I captured that in the designs I did for her. So I tried to capture a few different sides of Julianne from the girly style, the sophistication, and a little mod…they have not yet decided on a design but I loved all of them I just had to share them on her. Plus I just think Julianne deserves a blog post. 

Make sure to check out her photographer Cassidy Dawn Photography. She has gorgeous work…as you can tell with Julianne’s photos!

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