Going Blonde

So I wanted you all to be the first to know I am taking the plunge. I have wanted to change up my hair for a while but going short didn’t seem right cause I have been there and done that. Also, I freakin love having long hair. The top knot bun thing is just too easy to beat
After careful consideration and I don’t commit to much in terms of change in my appearance I thought I would try the blonde thing again. I accidentally died my whole head blonde before my senior year in college. It was not my favorite thing that happened to me in my life so I was pretty freaked out when I originally thought about a few months ago. But I think after some time and thought this will be a fun change. This time it won’t be an accident and it is simply a matter of choosing the right blonde. I am leaning towards a more sun-kissed golden blonde with some very blonde highlights so kind of a mix of every image above.

So tomorrow evening I will get the deed done. I actually even more excited about getting my hair trimmed cause it is long overdue! My little rat’s nest is a little out of control. 

Okay I am off for the afternoon to shop with friend Mae so excited to have a girl trip together! She pretty much rocks!

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