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I am really excited to be able to partner with Twig Creative to do a giveaway of one of their fantastic necklaces. They really have some fun pieces so I am excited one of you get to rock one!!!

So here is how you enter. Head on over to their shop here and then come back, leave a comment, and share which of the items is your favorite. Then a week from today (that is the 17th) the giveaway will close and a winner will be chosen at random! Have a good time snooping around their shop!

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  1. i’m biased and have to say that the items i ordered a while back are my favorite: Me & You print and the Spoon Fork Knife prints.. but i am LOVING these hexagon necklaces!

  2. Love the mint geometric wood earrings but the hexagon necklaces are pretty awesome as well! I love reading your blog Megan!

  3. I think the nest chairs are fabulous. In the jewelry department, I am in agreement that the glitter/wood post earrings are a hit. Blog looks fantastic, Megan!

  4. I am loving the Half Moon Gold Glitter Wood Necklace. What simply elegant ideas, and this one would match fabulously with the blue summer dress I’ve been waiting to wear.

  5. SO much neat stuff. I LOVE the kids wooden creative tablet. My mother is a therapist and always looking for neat kids games like that. good thing mother’s day is coming up. The hexagon necklace is of course amazing, and my other favorite is the nest chairs. they demand lemonade and sun!

  6. I love the brown & cream natural wood rectangle beads on antique bronze chain. Totally something I would wear!! Very cool shop, nice work.

  7. The brown & cream natural wood rectangle beads on antique bronze chain is to die for! (Although I just hearted 7 items!)

  8. These are sooo nice! Live the wooden half moon gold necklace. Subtle, yet makes a statement. And i feel it could finish off absolutely any outfit.

  9. Love everything!! But if I could choose my two absolute favs it would have to be the black hexagon necklace and the half moon wood decoupaged necklace. Awesome work!! Very creative!

  10. My favorite item is the gold wood bead necklace, probably because it is something I WISH I could wear.. if I was a little bit more daring. When it comes to accessories, I am a bit boring/overly simple, but I always love the big, bold pieces.

  11. I agree that the these necklaces are darling, but also think the wooden cameras are so cute for budding photographers.

  12. My favorite item I saw was the owl locket. The piece was absolutely gorgeous! If they get that back in stock I am absolutely buying it, however, the hexagon necklaces are just as awesome!

  13. I love anything monogram and this is so adorable! Great crafty way to practice hand/eye coordination with your child and cute to place on a shelf. I’m a sucker for anything cute and functional. 🙂

  14. OMG, that hexagon necklace looks almost identical to the one my mother gave me on my 15th birthday! It was a family heirloom, I guess you could say, that came all the way from Cuba and I was devastated when I lost it in hurricane Katrina. Just seeing this necklace brings back the memories and a tear to my eye. Other than this necklace being my favorite hands down, I love the Me & You and Love wall art.

  15. The hexagon necklaces are beautiful, the wooden cameras and the wooden earrings with the cross are so lovely too!

  16. I really love the “natural wood rectangle beads on antique bronze chain!!” I’m a graphic designer and nature really inspires my work. I love that this piece is simple but powerful, letting nature speak for itself.