getting quilted

Now growing up I always saw quilting as something you would see at an Amish farm and a thing they did to pass the time. To me it was an almost lost art in our modern world, which it kind of sis still. A lot of the quilts I saw growing up were very country farm house style and I could never see my home being that way when I grew up even with the influence of being in Kentucky for a majority of my life. 

Now knowing people who quilt I have found it to be a true art, but I think quilting has and can become more modernized to create works of art that are possibly more relevant to the world we live in now. So I thought I would post some my favorite brightly colored uses of quilts that stretch beyond just your everyday quilt you may see at an art fair on a Saturday. 

If you know of anyone making more modernized quilts with incredible palettes like these than let me know because I believe this is possible the most brilliant thing. The idea of bringing something this eclectic into a modern space is so beautiful it just has to be the right aesthetic.
I find these pieces all very inspiring. In fact I have been known to use quilts in inspiration boards for my clients. 

All image from Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters.

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