From Landscape to CMYK

Color is so crucial in how I see the world. I am constantly taking photos of sunsets, landscapes, and saving images from all over that inspire me in some way or another. Most of the time I am drawn instantly to an image or scene by the colors that are interacting within it. 

Thus when I found out about the iPhone app Color Stream I was ecstatic to say the least. If you love color and you have an iPhone get this cause it’s free! It’s incredible or at least to me. It almost beats out Cross Process for your photos. My husband sent me a message one day showing me Color Stream with the note of “Now you can take all the sunset pictures your little designer heart can stand”, which is true I am already going crazy with the thing. When you live in a world of inspiration you need tools that can translate into art. 

With that being said I have put together some images that have recently taken me aback with their colors and wanted to show you just how wonderful colors can be found through the world around us. I was drawn to these images by their color and emotion they provoked so I knew that they much have a beautiful palette that needs to be talked about and shown.

So if you have an iPhone start turning what you see into CMYK numbers to be used in designs. This is brilliant when you are entering your client’s environment and to use their environment to create a palette that will suit their branding and collateral. 


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