Fridays are for friends

Today I am entering finance world and going through and setting myself up. This is going to take time people but I will do this. No one ever tells you about this end of business. Anyone who is thinking of starting there own business begin with an accountant and lawyer to direct you in all the right places. Find people who have your best interest in mind and you can trust. Owning your own business is amazing and finance sucks big time especially for a right brainer like me but if you set it all up from the beginning it will just be part of it all instead of a terrible gut wrenching feeling like it is for me at this moment.

So I will grab some wine and advil and do this today after I meet with my accountant. But in my mind I am dreaming of having a dinner like this this summer for friends with a big bon fire to celebrate summer and warm nights. This will keep me going today. 

Have a great day everyone! Enjoy the weekend and be thankful for great friends and family!

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