fridays and dreams of summer

for the past few days I have been having daydreams of West bay being full of sailboats again and the windows wide open with birds chirping outside. Till that happens there is a lot of work to do and lots to accomplish, which is what winter is good for but when I saw this shoot for Jcrew on their website I was in love and it made me crazy for at least Spring. The chic casual outfits and the Ray Bans make me want to pull out my pixie pants and oxfords and pair with a bright top and cardigan. Not to mention the black and white shots make me yearn for some Audrey Hepburn. 

On top of it all I just have to say as a designer the interactivity that Jcrew does through their online campaigns is monumental for clothing companies. They are brilliant and beautiful every time. So head over and check it out and dream of summer or California 🙂

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