For the love of Pantones

One of my favorite boxes I got in the mail recently was getting my brand new pantone books. I love flipping through and all the possibilities that are at my finger tips. Seeing the multiple options for branding, projects, and even thinking through rooms (even though they are not paint chips). So whenever I see anything pantone I freak out just a little bit inside mostly. I don’t want to look too much like a geek. 

But today I had to share these cookies partly because I have been on a diet that does not allow eating cookies and I miss cookies lets be honest. But on top of it all these cookies are so well done and perfect for any designer or printer. Not many people will understand our passion for pantones but to tell your clients and show clients the color that will be printed. Because if you don’t know much about printing the colors on your screen work in RGB, which is a color process that only works in digital ways (TV, computer, websites…etc) and we print in CMYK which is a color process that works with printing and anything physical you can hold in your hand. This means that when you give a comp on your computer for print the colors may not be exactly the same and in fact they won’t so the Pantone system allows the printer and the designer communicate the exact color to assure the client of what it will appear like. So anyways Pantone is a designers best friend second to their computer and creative suite. So now you all understand our deep passion and love for Pantone Chip cookies like these.

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