Favorite Outfits: June

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

I am sure you guys have noticed some changes in the blog lately as I have been posting less and spending less time pouring into this space and more into other spaces connected with TFE. This has happened for a lot of reasons from summer meaning a child is at home full time again, I am working on a few side projects including launching our store, and I have been making it a priority to enjoy this season. Part of that is making it a priority to still offer you guys everything you want but with more reality and less gloss. I think if Instagram has taught me anything it is that sometimes real can be really good.

Over the last few years I have learned to embrace who I am in my style and my creativity. I have let go of that desire to “fit” something I wasn’t. I am sure it shows, maybe some would take it for something other than just comfort and contentment, but I find caring less about perfect shoots has been both stress relieving to run a platform like TFE but also I have found myself enjoying creating again. Sometimes I just want to do it in the moment and don’t want it all planned out. I find I am most creative in the moment when it comes to blogging and creating. So I have owned that and this new monthly series will continue in that trend. I wanted to show you real outfits that literally are shot in our office either when I come in for work that day or head out with Hayes. Typically I wear the same pieces again and again and am not thinking about anything other than what will be comfortable both to wear and feel the most like myself.

Since I know you guys miss me talking about the things I love to wear and you enjoy the style stories, I thought this series was a good peek into how I dress in the every day. I don’t want to say that my posts years ago weren’t real, because they were, but I for sure thought about it all more. I planned the shoot from location to the look and it was fun and what I did wear that day, but I also did it for sponsorship. In these situations, some pieces are sent to me, but I am by no means paid or required to wear them by the brands. Many times I contact them because I want to talk about them, but with a closet that is super tiny right now, I don’t have the option to just choose anything for my closet. I always try to choose ethical brands, but still have the occasional pieces that aren’t. I live a life of what I have deemed “moderation” everything is within realism and balance for better or worse. That said, I want you to know that these posts are intended for you to really see the outfits I loved wearing that month and wore often. I am working to make it that you can even see what I wore for the whole month so you can see how pieces really do get repurposed, but as I like to say, “we always have room for growth, that doesn’t mean we cannot begin.”

So here it is, the first Favorite Outfits for you to see what I legitimately wear every day I am working or chasing a toddler or sewing products for the store or making block prints. This also includes my usually 2 or 3 day unwashed my hair in a bun as well. Enjoy!

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Indigo Button Down from Madewell (no longer available)  |  Vintage Jean in Nelly Wash from ABLE  |  Slides from Aloha Sandals

This was what I wore for a long day of work and a few phone conference calls in the office that day. I live in these jeans and are hands down my favorite ones. The fit is perfect and I love how they look rolled up. If you haven’t gotten an denim from ABLE it is an ethically made denim line and they are really well designed. I also have fallen in love with wearing slides for work this time of year. I am a big proponent for working in shoes even at home. I think you should always get dressed for work and put shoes on because you are after all going to work. The seriousness you take to your day is what you will get out of your work.

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Sweater from Old Navy (SUPER OLD! but here is a similar)  |  Green Undershirt from Royal Apparel  |  Classic Bandana from Amazon  |  Denim Ragged Shorts from Madewell  (similar) |  Slide-ons from Mohinders

This was an outfit I wore the day we took our friends on an adventure around Leelanau. It wasn’t super warm but I loved wearing this outfit because it gave me a little layering but the shorts are super comfy and easy to wear on summer days. I wore these shoes till we got to our hiking spot and then switched into my Chacos for hiking the dunes…Though I am debating about trading them in on a pair of Tevas cause let’s be honest the toe strap is killer.

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Tee from Imogene and Willie  |  Wide Leg pants from Everlane  |  Slides from ASOS (old…here are similar)

If you don’t own a pair of these high-waisted pants you are missing out. These are my favorite pants for working in at home. I feel super professional but super comfy at the same time. I highly suggest them and size down because they do stretch out. They also make your but look fantastic!

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Sunglasses from Sunski  |  Dress from Zara (no longer available)  |  Sandals from Rainbow Sandals (had since college)

This was what I wore to the beach with a friend this last month. Since I have Fridays with Hayes I usually try to find a way to meet up with a friend for an afternoon or day outside with our kids. It is a fun way to kick into the weekend in the summer. Many times Mike ends up finishing early and we meetup somewhere for dinner with everyone too.

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Black tank from Hackwith Design House  |  Chinos from Madewell (old but here are similar ones)

Okay yeah, I wasn’t wearing shoes in the office on this day. I forgot about them and it was so hot so I left them downstairs. I also was getting sick and didn’t know it at this point in the month so I get a get out of jail free on any photos during that time because I could barely stay awake.

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Shirt from Tradlands ( no longer available)  |  Scarf from Penfield (similar) |  Shorts from Madewell (similar)  |  Tote from ABLE

So yeah no shoes again, but a toddler was waiting on me and I thought a photo of my outfit without shoes was better than no photo for you guys especially since I essentially live in this outfit this time of year. I most likely put on my Kork-Ease Sandals with this outfit if you were curious.

My favorite outfits I wore in June on The Fresh Exchange.

Scarf from Imogene and Willie  |  Tee from Tradlands  |  Black Skinnies from ABLE  |  Black Sandals from Birkenstock

I am always on the hunt for a great pair of skinny jeans I can wear in the summer for when the moment calls for them and these ones are the winner. The color is great, they are comfortable, and the pockets hit on your butt right. You most likely remember this outfit from this post as well.

So what do you think…do you like this new post? Would you like it twice a month instead of just once at the end of the month? Let me know!

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  1. Love this post! You make chic look so natural (I need help in that department)! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. yes, I love this post and would love it more often! I completely agree with high-waisted pants. I got my first pair last fall and haven’t looked back. Very flattering and comfortable and I think easier to find the right fit. In fact, when I try to wear my low waisted pants now, they are extremely uncomfortable!

    Your style resembles the seasons so much in terms of colors, fabrics, the looks… and I just love it.

  3. Enjoyed it so much! Keep it coming. Appreciate that it’s full of simple, take on the day looks and ethical brands (as I try to stretch myself in that arena, currently!)

  4. Definitely enjoy reading this! I love the realness behind the outfits, they are super cute but extremely functional which is something that i love to see – definitely the style i lean towards as well! Thanks for posting!

  5. I LOVE this article, so interesting. you have an eye for timeless quality piece without making your outfits boring or too pinteresty – love it!!! I want more 🙂
    I’m buying those everlane pants as soon as I get my paycheck <3

  6. Also, I’m SUPER LATE TO THE PARTY, I did not even realise this was from june!! I’d love some of your thoughts on dressing through a heatwave !