Edor Necklaces and Jewelry

I am not sure there is anything to dislike about a sweet little necklace that will bring your personality into your everyday. Jennifer Aniston is known for her wishbone necklace and many others are known for this similar look. I have always had a necklace until up into recent because I have not found one that had enough sentiment to me or thought there was one that reasonable enough to purchase. 

Well I found a solution. I am completely in love with all the necklaces on Edor’s Etsy shop. I cannot get enough of the small charm neckalaces that are simple and understated and then you check the price and it makes me want one for every day of the month. So if you are on the hunt your search can end because there are 7 pages of options at their store. 

Totally in love with this right now. So go check them out!

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