Dressing This Season as a Guest

On the topic of dresses today let’s hit on what to wear as a guest. 

I know you are not supposed to make some kind of statement at a wedding but I know as a bride I look forward to having my guests excited enough to buy something fun and new for my day. I love the idea of a stylish guest attendance just because it can date your photos in a cool way and it makes your photos look awesome. Also, let’s not lie ourselves here we all have a better time when we are in something we feel confident in. I want that for my guests. 

So I have rounded up some stylish options for a guest as wedding…sorry guys you got excluded from this one but guys are simple…grab a great shirt and tie combo and a great pair of shoes and you are great to go. 

Without further ado here are some stylish options for your next attendance at a wedding this summer. 

Ooo and if you are not attending a wedding this summer…no worries these are just awesome dresses…I am debating about a few to add to the closet. L-O-V-E.

1. Anthropologie 2. ModCloth  3. Donna Morgan 4. Ted Barker 5. Max and Cleo 6. Eliza J 7. Kate Spade 8. Anthropologie 9. Anthropologie 10. ModCloth 11. Cleo 12. Lilly Pulitzer 13. BB Dakota 14. byCORPUS 15. J.Crew 16. J.Crew 17. J.Crew

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