Dream Home

What does your dream home look like? Have you ever sat down and sketched it? Lately I have been dreaming of a home. I have no clue when it will happen but when I came across this one today on Dwell I knew I must share it as it is everything I dream about. The modern design. The open feeling. The compactness. Most importantly the outdoor space. It is perfect. I love it and I love how lived in it feels. This seems perfect in every way doesn’t it?


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  1. I love the kitchen area and how it flows into the outdoors. We are awhile away from our own dream home but whenever I see a good space for a home office/studio I get to dreaming again!

  2. oh so amazing!!! i love the dog there as well, as my perfect place has to have our dog in it! and i love the barefoot on the grass, the wide kitchen, you’ve nailed it girl!!! 😉