Design Suite: Jen & Brett’s Wedding

Okay so once again I totally apologize for not being so active on here. Life has been nuts…between designing my own invitations, planning a wedding, finding a place to live after the wedding, getting my website up and keeping up with work I am not sure how I am doing it haha. So with all that said I have not been too active on my blog posts. 

Anyways, I have had the Jen & Brett’s wedding suite done and printed for about two weeks now so I thought I would catch up and post the real stuff. I also have some other great posts for today! Very excited!!

So for the Jen and Brett’s invitations that I have displayed throughout I got to really dive into creating invitations and it was more fun than I ever expected. It was so much fun working with Jen and talking through how she saw her wedding and then capturing it all on paper that would be the first experience their guests would have with the event. I am very excited to work on the final elements and to create their backdrop for the wedding. I will post sketches once we get closer but let’s just say I cannot wait!!! So check out the images and enjoy!

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