Dancing Shoes

Us ladies need to make sure we have a pair of shoes in our closet that just scream I am going to rock the night away. Mine well they are bright red and hand tooled and they only come out for a night of craziness. They never fail to be show stoppers and always mean a good night is ahead. 

The thing about a good pair of heels that just are completely impractical is they can totally act as an inspiration. Place them on your shoe rack right in front and they will always beg you to take them out to play. So if you don’t have your dancing shoes let’s change that with some of these options. Personally I would challenge my Red ones with them Free People gold and turquoise heels or the sparkly ones from BHLDN. 

This is the time to treat yourself to something nice I promise you won’t regret them when you are still dancing in them and watching the sunrise. Just live a little!
both via BHLDN

 left via free people , right via urban outfitters

 left via etsy , right via anthropologie

 left via madewell , right via modcloth

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