Crafty Project Preview

I have been dying to share this project I have been working on over the last few days but didn’t feel my full concept was concrete enough but like most of my projects my inspiration came while my mind was empty when I woke up this morning. 

For my wedding this summer in July we are doing a chic rustic look at a farm in Northern Michigan but I did not want a total farm theme with the hot dogs, gingham, and all so when I found this gorgeous paisley fabric you will see in the photos my vision I had stuck in my head finally felt like it would become reality. 

I really wanted to do a more handmade look with elegance and since I love being crafty and creating things myself I took on the task of creating my own ring bearer pillow. My concept was a pillow that had this huge flower on it that would basically nest the rings so I bought felt, sewing thread, needles, beads, and anything else I felt would make this ring pillow unique. So I have only created the flower, which still needs some more beading work on the tips of the petals but I am excited about how it is turning out and wanted to share. 

So check it out and I am beginning to think about taking some custom orders in the future after I finish my own. 

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