Color Dreaming

Color Dreaming | The Fresh Exchange

One of my favorite pass times is to wander the internet, hunt Pinterest, and search for inspiration especially during these cooler months. I used to spend a lot more time doing this, but with the studio being so busy it left me very little time to just have those “get lost” moments. With life being a little more leisurely these days on the work front. I have been enjoying watching inspiration align and show it’s pretty face.

Color Dreaming | The Fresh Exchange

I put a few images that I found in some collages. I love how these images place off one another. Not to mention the colors.

Color Dreaming | The Fresh Exchange

Nothing better than finding a midweek pick me up for inspiration is there?


Sources: Storage containers from Cereal Mag  |  Girls in Bikinis from Jmaumau   |  Red Sweater from Tumblr (share if you have better source)  |  Linen bedroom from Cereal Mag  | Plate and Prop Collection from The Prop Dispensary  |  Fashion Shoot from Vogue Russia 


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  1. These are gorgeous! Makes me wanna try making my own, great idea to practice graphics and design while also getting inspiration 🙂 Mood boards like these are so nice to look at.

    Rai |