Christmas Cards

Christmas is probably my favorite time of year. It was the one thing I looked forward to especially during my Fall Semesters in College because it was when I got a chance to come home, relax, bake with my mom, ski, and wrap presents. What college kid doesn’t look forward to that?

Well now being out of college it has felt slightly different but in the best way possible. Having an income means I can buy presents, which is the best thing ever! It is so fun trying to find the perfect gift for the people you love! I just love watching them open the present and having that look of extreme happiness! It makes me feel all warm inside!!

So, since Mike and I have our friends currently all over the world we have decided to send them something fun so we ordered Christmas cards from Rifle Paper Co. and if you have not heard of them you REALLY need to check them out. Anna Bond does an incredible job with her work through stationary, invitations, and personal business cards. Go check her out!!! Her stuff is worth the extra cost for sure!

For now, I will leave you with our sweet postcards we got in the mail yesterday. I cannot wait to share these with our friends!

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