Celebrity Love

You know how everyone has that celebrity that you in some way “crush” on. I think everyone has one. You watch their movies even if you know it is getting a razzy and you don’t care if you are the only one in the theatre to watch it. You even love them when awful things are publicly displayed about them. And you some how wish slightly you could be them even though there is a good possibility that your life is far less stressful and overwhelming, which is a good thing. 

So I am admitting mine today. I love Jennifer Aniston. Yeah I know surprise, right? Everything about her style to her personality makes me wish I was her at times. I love all her movies, even the bad ones like Management…yeah I know no one saw it…haha. But the reason I think I really love Jennifer is because of her stylist. She is this wonderful combination of classic chic and an almost bohemian style is something I love. Not to mention her hair is just wonderful on top of it all, quiet literally. 

So today I thought I would post some of her styles that just make me want to shop to find that same outfit. Check out the photos and hope either this reveals something about me or inspires your next shopping trip. 

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