Bye Bye Warm Weather

image via: ledansla

It is has been surprisingly warm in Traverse City the last few days. I mean like I am walking around town without a coat on warm. Kind of crazy for January. My birthday is less than a week away and I never remember having a warm birthday. It looks like I still won’t as we will be arriving in Salt Lake that day. But all this awesome weather is about to end with a cold front some of you are already experiencing. Honestly I am little excited to get more into the winter spirit. I have coats that I feel I have barely worn thus far and typically by now am ready to put away again for next year. Not the case right now but please don’t take this as complaining. No one hates warm weather in the winter right?!

Art to Outfit is going to be a little late today. Running around prepping to fly out and head down state tomorrow so I feel a little off on my normal schedule. Check back later this evening!

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