Blue Blue Blue

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So it has been an interesting day today. I woke up to write my post and eat breakfast at the same time before we are planning to drive to Dallas this afternoon and my laptop went nuts. The keyboard wouldn’t work and the mouse was out as well. I was so upset because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do anything this week, which was not fun to think about. So I ran over to the Apple store and found out my battery in the computer was expanded and pressing on everything (such as the keyboard and mouse). I was really relieved to know that is was nothing major. We are wanting to buy another laptop towards the end of the year but not right now and this one isn’t bad just older. 

So I am feeling much better now and wanted to post before I headed to Dallas. Looking forward to seeing where Mike went school before transferring and hanging out with his family. More to come tomorrow friends!

Enjoy these summer blues perfect for any day in the sun. 

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