Blackbird for Men

As you all know I love clothes and fashion but something that has always fascinated me is men’s fashion. I never truly got the full grasp of what men’s fashion entailed till I worked in a men’s clothing department at Macy’s in Traverse City a few summers ago while I was still in college. Men’s style is not nearly has diverse or perplexing as women’s it is much more straightforward but beautiful in a way that is indescribable. I hate to see men with perfect builds waste the opportunity to wear a great suit or a great pair of well fitted jeans. It really saddens me. 

That being said I have always admired stores like The Liquor Store by J.Crew and many other men’s clothing boutiques that really understand designing for a man. I found in my times putting together suits for men they want to look good but want to be masculine and rustic with a touch of classic. I believe every man would say if they could that is what they want and I probably could talk any guy into dressing well. But I realized that men’s clothing sticks to certain pieces and does not deviate. Women’s clothing is constantly changing and new styles and types of clothing are immerging all the time. While men’s stays simple. 

That being said these are the exact reasons I love men’s style. I love buying clothes for Mike not because he doesn’t like to shop (cause he does) but because of the beauty of the design of their clothing. Classic lines, timeless cuts, simple sizing, and gorgeous colors. I would give for that kind of ease of shopping at times. Get rid of all the junk from women’s stores and give me simple with a little flair. 

So in honor of men today I wanted to feature some different stores. The first being Blackbird. They carry great women’s attire as well but they do a wonderful job of selling well made, quality products that have real style. I have dropped in some images below but make sure to check out their store from the link above and their blog for some inspiration.

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