Blackbird and the Owl

Okay yes I am a little obsessed with clutches and purses. I honestly don’t have as many as you may imagine from what I post but I believe of all the ones I have ever seen the ones from Blackbird and the Owl may be both the most well-done and the most artistic I have seen. They offer various types of purses and clutches and even card holders. The coin pouches and card holders are very gender neutral so I hope you men didn’t tune out on this one. I really suggest popping over to their shop and browing all the various options of what they have to offer. I kind of have been thinking about these gorgeous pieces for a while now so I am excited to talk about them today.


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  1. oh my, i’ve been in touch with my girly side a lot this past month, so i’ve done a bit of shopping, which is not that usual for me! but let me tell you these are gorgeous! that first one is my favourite!