Better Together


Image by Weber Photography  Hand drawn type by Mike

Today I, Mike, step into a sacred space. I have been a part of this blog since the first post, and have had my mark on almost every post, but for some reason I am nervous to step out from behind the camera and man up to the draft board.

When we were traveling across Europe, Megan and I decided that we would wake up every morning and create as we were inspired and we would blog it. So I shot, she did type, I critiqued, and she posted. From the amazing comments we read this was really inspiring to many of you as it was to me.

Four years ago, Megan and I graduated from college with degrees, debt, and no job offers. After a couple hundred no’s, I begged my way into my first advertising agency job as a junior designer. At the same time, Megan was able to maintain enough of her college freelance clients to begin her business. However on November 15, 2009 she posted her first post “Blogger”. Where she decided that between design projects she would post about “life, design, food, travel, and anything else that may surface”  Her first couple posts were a little rough, as mine will probably be, but she stuck with it. After a while, her posts were getting better and better. She started to get a following and it became apparent that this was not a passing idea. So we decided from that moment we would do whatever it took to keep the blog active as a source of creative inspiration. So she kept on posting.

As she kept the blog going I moved on to work at two more agencies. I made some money, won some awards, and had a title. I accomplished the things design school tells you you should do. However the longer I worked for these things, and worked for someone else, the farther I felt from the freshman art school student I was nine years ago. I remember my favorite and hardest week of design school staying up for 48 hours straight to hand sketched 1000 logos because I couldn’t do it enough. I did it because I wanted to, not because I was paid to do it.

In the time Megan and I have been married, we have been told countless times that since we are both designers we should just work together. We typically respond by saying it’s for the sake of our marriage that we didn’t work together. But the truth is we fell in love while working together on design projects in college. As much as we tried to ignore it we really do work best when we are working together. It wasn’t until we were walking the streets of Paris, camera in one hand and sketch book in the other that I realized I had lost that freshman design student spirit. After sitting in a rainy cafe in the Bastille with Megan and Jonathan Grant sketching and drinking espresso for three hours that we decided I needed to take a wild measure and join the blog and join the design studio.


So what will you see from me? Really I don’t have a plan, only a direction. I want to bring a masculine voice and more men’s fashion into this space. I want to write more about how we started our design studio and the lessons we have learned along the way. I want to write about what is inspiring me. I am a lover of fine spirits and wild adventures. I’m not in the kitchen much but I do have a couple just 5’s that might make their way onto the blog. You can expect misspellings, run on sentences, literal humor and a reference to my love of my home state of Texas whenever possible. I won’t be as soft as Megan, but I promise to be as real as she has been.

More than anything you will be inspired in a whole new way. My biggest hope is to rediscover the freethinking art school freshmen in myself and to bring more of that creativity to this space.

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  1. Hi Mike! I’ve been a fan of Megan for a while now and I’m looking forward to getting to know you through your posts. I already love your photography, so you’ve got that going for you. 😉

  2. Love this! As someone who designs with her husband, it will be great to see how the “other half” of a husband and wife creative team shares inspiration. Looking forward to reading more of your posts Mike!

  3. This is just lovely! What a beautiful team you two make. I’ve loved the blog with Megan’s voice, but have just started a blog myself, so I’ll be excited to read along and see how your role unfolds and how you create your voice as I do the same. I’ll be sure to share your men’s fashion posts with my boyfriend 🙂

    1. I love her too ;). I think we might keep that title of ‘front-end’ partners for the studio bio… I’m working on getting better about commenting and following more lifestyle blogs but your blog is one of the few I have been following for a while. I really like the home decor posts.

  4. This was really great to read – I was expecting a lot different to Megan and I was thinking how best to say you’re like a male version of Megan, (which obviously you’re not, you have your own ideas etc and this was not what I was meaning), but I came to the conclusion it’s more like you’re both two parts of a whole that make this blog brilliant. Looking forward to more!

  5. I am so excited to hear more from you Mike. I LOVE this blog and this new collaboration will surely make it even better! xx

  6. I love this so much. Creative teams, especially husband and wife teams, feel super inspiring to me. My husband and I have worked on many projects together and it’s really special. I think this is fantastic new direction, and super insightful considering how few male design bloggers there are. (i.e. Alt Summit) Can’t wait to see the future posts. Best of luck!

    1. No kidding you guys are a power couple. I’m adding both you and Keenan’s blogs to my reader. Has he ever gone to Alt with you? I go with Megan every year but I’m usually opting for snowboarding over glitter but I’m interested to see what next year could look like.

  7. I think it is so neat that you went to school together and “fell in love working on projects together.” Collaboration with your significant other is always an awesome feeling, this makes me wish my husband was more into the design thing! He works on cars (: I am looking forward to reading your future posts!

  8. WHAT a precious and well articulated first post Mike. Well done, seriously. Love the creative genius you and Megan possess together and especially thankful for how y’all promote your marriage as a collaborative unit. I have full confidence that this blog will only continue to grow as a result of your full presence first because you’re clearly gifted and provide a male counterpart voice that several blogs are lacking and secondly because you’re Texan. I wish I was joking. =) Yay Megan working with her hubby! (and yay Texans =)