Best Overalls for Spring

The Best Overalls for Spring on The Fresh Exchange.

Spring feels as if it is trying to come a little early this year. It is sometimes odd to me to be without a parka mid-afternoon more days this last month than I was wearing one. It is hard to complain about to have the chance to get outside and get dirty the end of February and beginning March. Maybe it was a list we all needed. Who knows? None the less it has me thinking about the garden, being outside and what I think I will want to wear this spring. For a long time I have wanted a good pair of overalls. I have HUNTED for so long to find some. It seems there are a lot of options and a lot of styles so while I was hunting, I thought you guys may be curious as well, so I rounded up some of the ones I was looking at.

I ended up ordering a few pairs from Levi’s because I wanted some I could work outside in. Since I will be spending a lot of time this spring and summer being dirty setting up a garden and working outside on landscaping, I wanted something easy to wear on those days, but also clean up and wear to hang out in as well. I have linen overalls I love, but it was time for real denim ones.

I looked and looked for ethical options here, but let me tell you I had the hardest time finding them. I found one pair from Reformation but that was it, if you have a pair from an ethical clothing brand, please post them below for us all. I would love to look at those as options as well.

So in case you are like me and hunting for the perfect pair, here are the ones I looked at and considered. I personally ordered the two darker styles from Levi’s in a size up so they fit looser. Check Instagram for a little review once I receive them in the mail. Happy to chat more about them and what I end up deciding on.

The Best Overalls for Spring on The Fresh Exchange.

Skinny Style from Madewell $148  |  Baggy Style from Levi’s $128 |  Distressed Style from ASOS $60  |  90’s Style from Cheap Monday $125  |  Straight-Leg Style from Madewell $148  |  Classic Style from ASOS $67 |  Classic Style from Levi’s $60  |  Twill Style from A&F $98  |  Dark Wash from Free People $98  |  Black Wash Style from ASOS $67  |  Distressed Style from Levi’s $60  |  Wide-Leg Style from Reformation $148

Tell me what pair of overalls do you wear? Do you know any ethical brands that make them? Are you an anti overall person?! I would love to hear.

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  1. So, I turn 40 this year, and I _LIVED_ in overalls the last half of high school. It was my uniform (together with fitted tees and birkenstocks). I still have the last pair I bought, circa 1995, but they became my paint uniform once my husband and I bought a house, and I’ve missed them since. But can I wear these? At 40? The second time around? (I mean, aside from gardening, though, at the right price point, maybe that’s enough to scratch this sartorial itch.)

  2. levis is definitely a brand to feel good about. they have a bunch of programs in place to support their favtory workers. and they work with the better cotton initiative to support sustainable cotton farmers and source it for their products. plus a bunch of other things (like getting the factory everlane now uses for their denim to be so clean and susatainable) you can dive in more here