Beautiful Tools For The Garden

Beautiful Garden Tools to make Gardening even more fun! Get the whole roundup on The Fresh Exchange.

This is the month we get to start to get really dirty in our gardens. If you have been lucky enough to have a greenhouse you are way ahead of all of us, but if you are like me and getting things in the ground in preparation for summer and fall this is our time to get muddy and gross. I am so excited to have hands that smell like the earth and dirt under my nails. As we get ready for the end of the frosty season and to place our seedlings outside finally, you may need a few new tools for the season.

When it comes to gardening there are certain items that are better than others when it comes to doing the tough work. They do not always look pretty, but get the job done, but then there are items we can have around that are pretty, functional, and perfect for our days in the garden. So though I believe you should totally get the hardest working shovel and rake out there (though classic wood ones work great and look great), sometimes you want some beautiful garden tools as well to make the experience that much prettier. If that is possible. ha.

Here are a few items I am loving for our garden this year while we are getting ready to plant once we return from our trip.

Beautiful Garden Tools to make Gardening even more fun! Get the whole roundup on The Fresh Exchange.

Gray Hose (I like expandable hoses personally) |  Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow  |  Stainless Steel Spade  |  Brass and Wood Sheers and Spade  |  Tool Tote  |  Brass Mister  |  Forged Metal Spade (this thing is legit)  |  Straw Hat  |  Copper Plant Labels  |  Black Rain Boots  |  Brass Watering can  |  Black Sheers  |  Hand Rake  |  Counter Compost Bin  |  Leather Work Gloves 

What tools do you love that you use? I also was wondering if any of you knew of any cool kid garden tools? Hayes wants to join in but I cannot find anything that isn’t covered in cartoons. I just want something simple for him.

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  1. My husband bought me a gardening belt which is like a tool belt for the garden. i find that super helpful at harvest time, or when i’m doing succession plantings, so i can bring my shears, the seeds and anything else i need in extra pockets!

    i also think having a few pretty baskets make your harvest both exciting, practical and beautiful / fun to take photos of! i am usually out in the morning harvesting flowers to set up bouquets and in the evening i’m out harvesting vegetables for dinner each night, so i have 4-5 baskets i find very useful! i actually was gifted them from a friend who was cleaning out her mother’s home, so they’ve got a touch of antique flair 😉 i’m sure keeping an eye out at garage or estate sales you could find one!

    we are hardening our seedlings this week in our zone 6a (western ny by lake ontario) i can’t wait to get my little seedlings in the ground! soil temps should be perfect just about memorial day weekend!

  2. Hi! Burgon & Ball has some tools for kids that I think are really nice and not “cartoony”. This is the complete line listed here on thier website. love vintage and new, interesting garden tools!
    They are based in UK but you can find thier things on AMazon, Ebay, Terrain….. ,many places. Actually one of your featured tools, the Stainless Steel Spade is B&B

    I love garden tools! I have ones that I use and ones that I collect (new and vintage) Actually I was doing a serach for Garden Tools when I came across your blog. I really enjoyed looking at the ones you found!!

    THanks you!!!
    Parrish Nored
    Birmingham, Al

  3. I’m a new gardener so I don’t know about must have tool for every gardener. My friend recommends me some tool that you covers and also you cover an important tool that my friend never mention. Thanks a lot