Back in Action

So I have been gone for the last week in Texas at my own Bridal shower and seeing the fiance’s family. We had a great time being Texans. We even got to see the Houston Rodeo while we were there! It was Brooks and Dunns concert…so that was pretty darn cool. 

Anyways, I am sorry for not posting and hope all will forgive me! 

Since I am now back I am diving into my own personal wedding invitations. I have been mulling over ideas and concepts for more than a year or so, which is something I do sometimes with personal projects and rarely ever make a decision on things so I am having a hard time with these. I am anxious to get them done but I do not want to do anything half way on these. So in the spirit of creating them I thought I would post some of my current inspiration of what I am leaning towards for the overall feel. 

I do apologize but I have had all these inspirations in a folder on my desktop and do not have the exact links for the site…erg…enjoy anyways!

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