Back from the Holidays

Hope the holidays were good for everyone. I have been working on an exciting project with some local wedding vendors in Northern Michigan. It’s been a fun and challenging project for me, which are the best projects.

While in the process of working on this project I have been discovering a lot of great blogs and I thought I would share them. 

I have always been a big fan of but the style is very European high end corporate design, which is great but not always the style my clients are looking for especially in the wedding industry. So I discovered this blog which has given me some great ideas recently:

Another blog I found was one that was done by a girl who in the process of planning her wedding discovered what she really wanted to be doing, making cupcakes, designing, and working with brides and other great wedding professionals. So check out her blog, she has some very creative fun ideas:

check it out. Hoping to have some exciting sketches posted this week!

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