Awesome Furniture Fridays

I love accessories and my favorite part of antique stores are the areas where they have all the knick-knacks. I always feel like there is a real possibility for a treasure in there and sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. It always makes me feel like a pirate on a hunt for their buried treasure even though I have no idea what I am really looking for. 

So this week on Awesome Furniture Fridays I thought it would be fun to post some cool finds I have found on Etsy that are either vintage or handmade. I love finding unique pieces that make your home your’s but still are beautiful and there is no better place to find those than on Etsy. If you have not been a big Etsy person I am telling you to make that change pronto because there are some amazing vendors on there that not only create beautiful work but also will hand make almost anything you have been dreaming of. 

Also, it’s one of those rainy sleepy days and would love to crash and take a nap…RAIN go away!

1. Pigeon Toe Ceramics 2. Pocket Studio 3.Indobay Textiles 4.Red Hot Pottery 5.The Black Lantern 6. & 7. Decoylab 8. Shabby Vintage Mom 9. Ivars Design 10. Mud Puppy 11. Bright Wall

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