Awesome Furniture Friday #1

I saw this House Hunters International a while back of this couple in Costa Rica who owned a Bed and Breakfast and not only did will I admit to coveting their life of surfing, tropical weather, rain forests, and adventure but they had this amazing suspended bed and was in love with it. I was also a little disappointed when I saw they didn’t bring it to their new place they moved in.

Well ever since then I have thought that was the coolest thing and I don’t know if I would want that as my actual bed because you would swing right?! but on the upside I guess Earthquakes wouldn’t feel like much if you lived in Cali, huh? haha. So when I got my Etsy email today that I am sure alot of you get I about squealed when I saw this swinging porch bed…cause to me this makes a lot more sense. For real! As summer is approaching who doesn’t want to swing in this on a 80 degree breezy Sunday afternoon? I am not sure I know many people who would decline that opportunity. Anyways, I wanted to share this amazing bed and if you have the money to purchase it please invite me to join you and I promise to bring a great bottle of wine!

Check out more info on the Swinging Bed

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