Awesome for Kids

I do not plan on kids any time soon for many reasons but I do look forward to having them some time before I am 30. That being said I do babysit some kids and have friends with some super cool/cute kids that make think about kid thing so when I saw this blog Made By Joel I fell in love. 

Joel has two very adorable and lucky children. Their dad builds some of the most creative and fun kids things I have ever seen. I get excited just looking at this to be able to create things like this for my kids someday so I thought I would share this for any body that has kids or knows some one who would love to do this stuff for their kids. 

I think my favorite is the modern doll house he built and the play room! Totally cool. I love the furniture, but check out the rest of his blog for even more cool things he has done. It reminds me so much of my dad building me a horse barn when I was little.

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