Art to Outfit: Late Summer Dinner Party

art: Brent Wadden
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This evening I am working on an awesome collaboration for Kinfolk. Now this is the not outfit I am wearing, but it got me thinking about what to wear to a late Summer dinner party. We are doing tonight and it is much more casual than this, but I realized that the Summer to Fall transition is hard. How do you cross it and dinner parties always make me nervous about what to wear. I never want to be too dressy or too under dressed. This piece by Brent Wadden definitely felt like the right direction to inspire an outfit for the next dinner party this September/October. Think about pairing a lot of your fun tanks and tops with pants in darker colors. Keep the light/dark contrast between the top and bottoms. But bring in your fun bright jewelry from the Spring and Summer months. Then close those pretty toes up with a fun heel that still feels light and these ones are perfect because of the metallic. Fall is the perfect time to bring those back in to the wardrobe.

I hope you all have had such a wonderful Thursday! I will make sure to share lots of fun things from the shoot today in a few months when more is available.

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  1. Love that there is so much graphic/geometric stuff kicking around right now. Especially the clutch. A handbag that looks like an envelope wins me over every time. I live in the land of winter, so I’d have to add a jacket, but otherwise, I love everything about this outfit.