Art to Outfit: Bridal Shower

art: Waltraud Nawratil
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It is back by serious popular demand!  The number of emails I have received about Art to Outfit have forced me to bring it back in to the line up. I am so glad you all love it so much. It may not continue to be consistent but I promise it will not be gone permanently.

This weekend I am planning a bridal shower, which has me cooking, planning, and being crafty (not my best skill). But no matter how many showers I go to I never know what to wear. I never want to be too dressy, but also don’t want to be under dressed so how do you walk the line? Cute shoes, chunky necklaces, fancy skirts, and a casual top. Mix and match patterns to bring in sophistication and oh yeah make sure your feet are cute as well. Sounds simpler than it may actually be, but this is the outfit I am dreaming about wearing this weekend.

What are your go-to’s for showers? Do you find it fun or difficult?

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  1. I LOVE it! Seriously cute and perfect, no matter what anyone else is wearing. Dressy enough that you’d not feel underdressed if everyone else dressed up and casual enough that if everyone’s more laid back, you wouldn’t feel overdressed. The perfect middle ground. And I am seriously coveting that skirt. 😉

  2. This is a stunning little outfit. The skirt is just gorgeous. I love wearing florals to bridal showers especially since they usually occur in springtime.